Please complete this form at the time of the closing on the purchase of your home.
The purpose of this form is to provide to Property Solutions of Middle Tennessee (PSMT), the information necessary to activate access to the gated entry of the community.

To obtain access through the gate by key code, please contact your property manager. This code can be used for the interim period until the remote devices are mailed to you. If you would like the remote devices to be sent to an alternate address than the address you are closing on, please provide the alternate mailing information at the bottom of this form.

The Association will provide one (1) remote device to you at no cost. However, if a device is misplaced or you wish to receive additional devices, they may be requested at any time for a fee.

Visitor Instructions: In order for a visitor of your home to gain access to the gated entry, they must use the scroll button on the call box key pad and locate your last name. When located, they should then press the call button, which will call the phone number(s) you have provided on this application. Then, simply answer the call and press the Number 9 from your phone to activate and open the gate. If you have any questions or problems regarding this matter, please call our office at (615) 295-2317.

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